OFIC / The reliable strength to make creations reality
Steel / Total integrated conducting of various process operations on the manufacturing lines of major steel manufacturers from manufacturing management to quality control, machinery equipment design and equipment maintenance.
Welding / We are good at automatic hardfacing using powdered Plasma Transferred Arc, realizing surface modification of materials
Thermal Spraying / Realizing optimal thermal spraying utilizing the latest equipment, including automated robots and plasma thermal spraying equipment
Cases / Introducing our technologies by each industries
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About OFIC

Message from our CEO

A message to all our stakeholders from President and CEO Dai Oshima.

Company overview

An introduction to OSAKA FUJI Corporation.

Major clients

Introducing customers with whom OSAKA FUJI Corporation has dealings with in a variety of fields including steel, paper, and energy.



OSAKA FUJI Corporation has developed results and technology in the field of maintenance and repair of steelwork facilities for the past half century.


OSAKA FUJI Corporation's welding and thermal spraying technology also has a proven track record in the paper industry.


OSAKA FUJI Corporation has delivered successful construction projects in the field of power generation facilities.

Research and Development


Introducing the principles behind welding (overlay welding) technologies used by OSAKA FUJI Corporation.

Thermal spraying

Introducing the principles of OSAKA FUJI Corporation's thermal spraying technology.

Slicing process

Introducing the principles of OSAKA FUJI Corporation's slicing process technology.

Hot Topics

Material introducing OSAKA FUJI Corporation's work and technologies.

Answers to frequently asked questions.

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